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Ed Cross
Ed Cross

“The Restoration Lawyer,” Ed Cross, has been collecting money for restorers across the United States since 1997, representing everything from small sole proprietorships to the biggest corporate names in the restoration industry. He has recovered many tens of millions of dollars for restoration services, often without the need for litigation.

Ed seeks to remedy the epidemic of vague restoration contracts and the need for resources to empower restorers to receive the fair market value of their services.

There is no greater way to empower a restorer to recover fair market value for restoration service than with a properly-drafted Assignment of Insurance Rights. Assignments allow restorers to cause insurance companies to pay a reasonable price for restoration service and to pay a second time if the insurer sends the restorer’s money to the policyholder. Get the definitive guide to the restorer’s most powerful collection device-The Book on the Assignment of Benefits, 2nd ed. by Ed Cross at

If you are tired of struggling to get paid, The Book on Restoration Collections lays out Ed Cross’s ultimate guide to maximizing restoration receivables. In 10 easy steps, he breaks down restorers’ rights, ways of communicating those rights, and ways to bolster your proof for the performed work. With this book, restorers may overcome challenges with adjusters, customers, and their #@$%! lawyers.

Ed Cross

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